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Mineke Schipper is the author of academic books, essays and novels. For her internationally acclaimed non-fiction book Never Marry a Woman with Big Feet: Women in Proverbs from Around the World (Yale University Press 2004) she received the Eureka Award in 2005 for best non-fiction book. It has been translated all over the world. New translations continue to appear, e.g. in Romanian and Marathi.


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Her brandnew book in Dutch is: Heuvels van het paradijs. Een geschiedenis van macht en onmacht. (‘Hills of Paradise. A History of Power and Powerlessness’). Amsterdam: Prometheus, autumn 2018.


Since time began the female body has been desired, admired, used and abused. Even advertising can’t do without it. Men and women have always needed each other but why did men end up with more power than women? Answers to this question have a lot to do with female anatomy. Through the ages male narrators, artists and scholars have shone light on those body parts they do not have: breasts, wombs and vulvas – the topics of this book. More>>


Her previous book in English is Naked or Covered. A History of Dressing and Undressing Around the World. Delhi: Speaking Tiger Books, 2017). Also in Arabic (Cairo: Sefasafa Publishing House, 2017) and soon available in Ukrainian.  More>>


‘The question of which parts of the human body are to be covered and which may be left bare is as much of a battlefield today as it has ever been. Mineke Schipper provides a fascinating and wide-ranging compendium of fact and fiction about the covering of the body through the ages.'

J.M. Coetzee



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